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Bonus: Face Massage

Physical touch is one of the 5 love languages we use to communicate our love and appreciation. Touch doesn’t have to be sexual to be powerful. In fact, a gentle, caring massage can often say so much more. It lets your partner know that you’re willing to spend this time focused on them, attending to their needs without needing it to be reciprocated. While this post was originally created for Father’s Day, it’s relevant now during the holiday season. Connection through touch is a great way to say you care about someone, without always needing to know what to say, or require you to dig deep into your wallet to show your love.

Mental health, stress, loneliness, anxiety are big, common issues we’re dealing with at the moment. For some people, talking creates nervous tension; they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing, or being interpreted the wrong way. They don’t want to be perceived as weak if they don’t have the answers or can’t provide you with what you want. That’s a lot to carry. 

You can still show them love, kind and connection.  A gentle touch can communicate to them that you’re there, and you get what they’re going through.  Plus, kindness, the act of giving has been proven to boost the well-being of the giver. So follow along to this 15 minute relaxing facial massage and help your partner to not only get in touch with themselves but also help them re-connect with you. You’ll both wind down, be more relaxed and feel more connected in this fragmented world of ours. 

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