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Bonus: Face Massage

Physical touch is one of the 5 love languages we use to communicate our love and appreciation. Touch doesn’t have to be sexual to be powerful. In fact, a gentle, caring massage can often say so much more. It lets… Read More »Bonus: Face Massage

What is Gentle Yoga?

Gentle Yoga is, as the name suggests, a gentle form of yoga. It’s definitely not high intensity and you’ll hold poses (unlike in a Flow Yoga class where you would flow seamlessly from one pose to another, almost like a… Read More »What is Gentle Yoga?

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is based on ancient Chinese philosophies and involves holding yoga poses (asana) for longer periods than is normal with other forms of yoga. It focusses on improving the elasticity of your fascia (connective tissue which stabilises muscles), ligaments,… Read More »What is Yin Yoga?