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How mindfulness impacts our wellbeing

This era of restrictions lifting is an interesting time. Just a couple months ago, we were focused on the discomfort of self-isolation and the impact it had on our lives. Now, the focus has shifted again to re-connecting, ‘re-normalizing’ and reorganizing our future plans. 

Focalism, focusing on the one event, person or thing and forgetting everything else can misdirect our expectations of future happiness and erode away our belief in our resiliency and adaptability. Remember when you were convinced you were a ‘failure’ if you didn’t get the right marks on your exam? At many points during the beginning of iso, expectations I had of the future were pulled quickly apart. Gone were the travel plans. Gone were the workshops and retreats I was planning.  Poof!

But while I was focused on what a bummer this whole situation was, and if I could make it through, I forgot about what I already had — shelter, food, time, loved ones still alive and kickin’. That’s where our mindfulness and gratitude practices come in handy. Being grateful and appreciative of the environment around you can pull you quickly out of that one-man pity party. Practicing the pillars of mindfulness (in meditation and daily life) of observing without attachment or judgements and letting go can help to widen our perspective.

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