Your bespoke wellbeing program

Wellbeing activities to help you achieve your health goals and reach your full potential

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

This saying perfectly epitomises Sava Therapies’ personalised wellness programs. Each of the services we offer will give you cherished, protected time where you can learn valuable techniques and tools and make discrete wellbeing improvements. And when you combine several of our products and services together, the benefits compound. When you combine several Sava Therapies wellbeing activities with a personalised wellbeing framework, the results are astounding.

Program benefits

Relax and de-stress

Participate in activities that enable and encourage you to let go of tension, loosen your muscles and unwind your mind. And learn tools and techniques to help you prevent, cope with and manage stress in your everyday life.

Sleep better

All our activities can help you sleep better the night you participate in them by reducing stress and tension and calming your mind. Our wellbeing programs can also help you develop good sleep hygiene, stop resisting rest, and build a toolbox full of effective methods of falling asleep and staying asleep.

Perform at your peak

Performing as well as you possibly can in any activity means you need to understand what you’re really capable of and what your limits are. A personalised wellbeing framework will enable you to explore your body and mind, move them in new and exciting ways, and stretch and strengthen them so you can develop a deeper understanding of and extend your capabilities and limitations and therefore participate in other activities to the best of your ability.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Physical health is only one aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Our personalised wellbeing programs will give you the tools to maintain your physical, mental and emotional health for an integrated, universal healthy lifestyle.

Stretch and condition

Conditioning your connective tissue (e.g. fascia, muscles and ligaments) and bones enables you to achieve greater strength, endurance and flexibility. This can improve your performance in other physical activities, help you recover from and prevent injuries and relieve joint pain. Many elements of our personalised wellbeing programs contribute to this.

Develop confidence

If lack of self-confidence is stopping you from achieving your goals or enjoying all that life has to offer, you’ll love a wellbeing framework that’ll enable you to build your self-confidence. That’s just one of the many benefits of our wellbeing programs.

Rekindle joy and playfulness

Adulthood can sometimes seem like it sucks the joy and playfulness right out of life. Many of us long for the uncomplicated and carefree lives children so often seemingly lead. If this resonates with you, know that you don’t have to be in primary school to experience real joy and wonder and play isn’t just the domain of youngsters. Our integrated wellbeing activities will help you rekindle that joy and playfulness so you need never be without it again.

Understand and become more in tune with your body

Are you prone to injuries? Do you often find yourself super tense before you even realise you’ve been stressed by something? Do you struggle with overeating? Do you sometimes lie awake for hours at night, struggling to find that calm ocean of blissful sleep?

Developing a deeper understanding of your mind and body and becoming more in tune with your body enables you to recognise more emotions and sensations, and discover your triggers and limitations. As a result you’ll get much better at pulling back before you hurt yourself, not dwelling on thoughts that send you into a tizz, feeling when you’re full and don’t need those last few mouthfuls, and detecting physical and mental tension that’s keep you from drifting off — and so much more.

Every one of our wellbeing activities works to help you become more in tune with your body, and when you combine them, the results are magnified.

Become the best version of yourself

Whether you want to be fitter, stronger, smarter, more resilient, more compassionate or just generally more healthy, our personalised wellbeing programs can help you achieve your goals and work towards being the best version of you. The tools and resources we’ll share with you, and the techniques we’ll teach you, will empower you to take control of your own wellbeing and happiness and help you build positive lifelong habits for independent and long-term health.

Program structure

As our programs are completely personalised, the structure of your wellbeing framework will be unique. However, every wellbeing program we run is comprised of the following core wellbeing activities. You can always add more of each individual component to complement your program and to achieve your goals.

Our programs:

  • Run for 12 weeks

  • Begin with a one-on-one initial consultation to assess where you’re at and discover what you want to achieve

  • Include a personalised 12-week wellbeing framework for you to follow

  • Include weekly group yoga classes in the style or styles that suit your needs and goals

  • End with a one-on-one consultation to help you review your progress

Core Services

The aim of meditation is to teach you how to focus your attention and awareness and achieve a stable state of being that is mentally clear, physically relaxed and emotionally calm. Some forms of meditation will be specifically designed to help you sleep, build gratitude or develop breath awareness.


Guided meditation makes this process much easier, especially if you’re new to meditation, as someone else takes you by the hand (figuratively, usually) and leads you through a process to achieve that stable state.


Meditation is great for relaxation, stress relief and gaining a healthy perspective, allowing you to observe and better understand your thoughts and feelings without any judgement. Regular meditation can even lower blood pressure, decrease cravings and improve concentration.


Our toolkits include guided meditations, but as part of your Personalised Wellness Program, you can also buy bespoke guided meditations that perfectly address your unique needs so you can make more progress faster.

All our yoga classes are customised to the needs of the students participating. And our class sizes are kept small to ensure plenty of individual attention and make it easier for students to ask questions.


But sometimes you might want the undivided attention of your yoga instructor so you can ask more questions and focus only on exactly your needs of the moment. That’s why we also offer private one-on-one yoga classes both online and in-person in a location that suits you in the Parramatta area.

Thai massage therapy, which is also called Thai yoga massage therapy, combines assisted yoga postures (asanas) with acupressure to relax and heal the body. For many people, it's their favourite method of recovery and rejuvenation.


Thai massage therapy involves stretches and massage and will leave your limbs feeling loose and your body feeling free, relaxed and alive. Our Thai massage therapist is known for gentle pressure and intuitively sensing exactly what each person needs during every massage so you can be sure you’ll find each massage comfortable and relaxing — you may even drift off to a blissful sleep.


While we’re increasingly offering online services due to COVID-19 restrictions and concerns, we of course can’t offer Thai massage online. What makes us different from other Thai massage providers, however, is that we come to you. We’ll deliver your Thai massage therapy in your home, at your office or in another location that suits your schedule and style. Given our location, we offer Thai massage in the Parramatta area. And Thai massage therapy is only available as part of our Personalised Wellness Packages.

We’re excited to announce the addition of counselling services to Sava Therapies. 

Maintaining happiness, contentment and a healthy lifestyle involves more than attending classes and accessing therapies. It’s vital to continue wellbeing activities regularly outside of scheduled classes as well. That’s why we’ve developed our themed wellness toolkits. They’re full of resources to help you take charge of your wellbeing, learn to trust your gut instincts and inner voice, and overcome your most pressing challenges under your own steam.

If you struggle with stress and anxiety, our Worry Kit is just for you. And if a peaceful and restful night’s sleep is something you’re striving for, our Sleep Kit will be a go-to resource.

Our kits include a range of resources such as:

+ Tailored Spotify playlists to help you create a relaxing atmosphere in your own space

+ Illustrated yoga routines so you can practice yoga safely every day, even when you’re not attending a class

+ Guided meditations to help you focus, improve your self-awareness and relax

+ Tip books with professional advice to help you overcome your challenges

+ Workbooks to help you work through your challenges and goals

+ Wellness activities to help you take action to achieve your goals each and every day

We produce new toolkits regularly so you can add plenty of variety to your wellness activities and routines. And when you add a toolkit to your wellbeing framework as part of one of our Personalised Wellness Programs, you get a nice discount of our standalone toolkit prices.

Program Price


$1100 / 12 weeks
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Addon prices

Themed toolkit

$150 $50 When included in a personalised wellness program
  • Resources to help you continue your wellbeing transformation outside class

Thai massage

$110 / 60 mins
  • Price applicable within 15km of Parramatta
  • Only available within a Personalised Wellness Program


$100 When included in a Personalised Wellness Program
  • In-person or online
In person

Private 1-on-1 yoga class

$110 / 60 mins
  • Price applicable within 15km of Parramatta

Private 1-on-1 yoga class

$80 / 60 mins
  • Individual attention in your own home

Personalised meditation

$20 / 10-15 mins
  • Guided meditation for your exact needs

Personalised meditation

$35 / 20-25 mins
  • Guided meditation for your exact needs