Yoga online and in Parramatta with Sava Therapies

Your sanctuary for peace, joy and balance

Practicing yoga online or in-person can bring you peace, joy, confidence, strength and improved health. We would love to welcome you to the Sava Therapies yoga community.

Yoga for beginners

At Sava Therapies, all our yoga classes are designed for beginners and early stage yogis.

If you’ve never tried yoga before, you’ll fit right in and find our classes offer a gentle and immersive welcome to the world of yoga.

If you’ve had some experience with yoga, we offer a safe space for you to extend your practice your way and deepen your connection with your body. Come and challenge the general alignment cues you were taught and develop the confidence to expand your independent yoga practice.

Yoga benefits

The integrated and whole-of-body-and-mind nature of yoga means there are a huge range of scientifically verified benefits of regularly practicing yoga including for those suffering from asthma, back pain, behavioural disorders, mental health issues including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and PTSD, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, chronic pain, restless legs syndrome, weight management challenges, and more.

Here are some of the benefits you might find particularly valuable.

  • Relax and de-stress
  • Sleep better
  • Perform at your peak

Sava Therapies yoga classes are themselves relaxing. And we also teach tools and techniques to help you relax at any time. When you take our yoga classes regularly, you’ll become more aware of your body and learn to recognise when you’re beginning to feel stressed or anxious so you can intervene sooner. Over time, you may also discover patterns so you can identify your stress and anxiety triggers, enabling you to take preventative action or ready yourself for what is to come.

If stress or anxiety affect you more than the average person, you’ll find Sava Therapies offers more than other yoga studios. We can provide you with several integrated therapies that together deliver greater benefits than the sum of the individual therapy benefits. And because we strive to offer the most personalised services, you’ll be able to develop a deeper connection with your teacher.

Our yoga classes will give you relaxation tools and techniques, which are vital for good sleep. But more than that, if getting good shut-eye is a challenge for you, we’ll also teach you techniques that can help you fall asleep and go back to sleep when you wake during the night. Many of our students enjoy coupling yoga with guided meditations to help them get more and better quality sleep. If that’s something you’re interested in, you’ll enjoy our Insomniac Toolkit, which includes a guided meditation specifically to help with sleep. You’d also love a personalised wellness program, which can include your very own bespoke guided meditation.

When you practice yoga with us regularly, you’ll also become more in-tune with your body and mind so you can learn to recognise what triggers your stress, anxiety and insomnia and make the changes you need to achieve the rest you need.

When sport and other physical activities are an important and significant part of your life, we know you value getting the most out of your body. Our yoga classes are designed to support your other physical activities by increasing your mobility and flexibility. But more than that, by regularly practicing yoga with us, you’ll come to understand your body in a new light and become more in-tune with it.

The result?

Better mind-body intuition, so you’re less likely to suffer an injury. You speak your body’s language more fluently and know what you’re really capable of so you can perform better. And you’re more confident and self-assured so you can reach your greatest heights yet.

You’ll also get to move your body in new and exciting ways, and get a chance to rekindle joy and playfulness. You might just find you love your other physical activities even more once you start practicing yoga with Sava Therapies.

Benefits of taking yoga classes online

Until recently, in-person yoga classes were the norm. But COVID-19 forced us all to rethink conventions enabling us to discover the benefits of the alternatives. And online yoga classes have some wonderful benefits.

  • You can participate in a group class without worrying about other students being able to watch you

  • You get to focus 100% on you without the distraction of seeing what other students are doing — and without comparing yourself to them

  • You don’t have to travel to a class or pay extra to have your teacher come to you

  • You receive personalised yoga instruction in the comfort of your own home — you can even wear pyjamas if that’s what you want to do

Parramatta yoga classes

Given the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus is on providing supportive yoga classes online. However, we’re also still running yoga classes in Parramatta, Australia as well as the surrounding areas. We offer one-on-one and small-group yoga classes in your home, workplace, local studio and other locations (like the beach). Simply get in touch and we’ll organise a location that suits you and your lifestyle.

Not your average yoga class

Other yoga studios cram their students in like sardines, and their classes are more like a gym class, sweat and all, or make you feel like you’ve stepped in a time machine and travelled to ancient India.

We’re different.

Whether they’re delivered online or in Parramatta, all our yoga classes:

  • Are completely personalised to suit your needs so you get the maximum benefit

  • Are run with small group sizes (or one-on-one) so you get more individual attention

  • Deliver a calm, supportive environment that reduces overwhelm

  • Follow an approach that integrates traditional yogic wisdom with the results of modern scientific research so you can be confident the tried and tested tools and techniques you learn actually work

  • Are run in a convenient location so attending isn’t a hassle

  • Are free from sermons, preaching and other spiritual components so you can be comfortable participating no matter what your beliefs are

Sava Therapies Online Class Timetable

Weekly Timetable

For the next few months, our charity of choice is Bush Heritage. 10% of your class, passes and programs will be going to support Bush Heritage. Bush Heritage Australia is an independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land, and also partners with Aboriginal people, to conserve our magnificent landscapes and irreplaceable native species forever.


Casual online classes

Yoga when you need it
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$10 /class
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(online) pass

Yoga on your schedule
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$100 /12 classes
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Free trial

We know how important it is for you to connect well with your yoga teacher. And we want to make sure we can offer what you need. That’s why we offer one free trial yoga lesson for everyone who’s interested in taking our classes, so you can try us out and make sure we’re the right fit for your needs.

We also know trying a new activity, or trying a new yoga teacher, can be daunting and that you’ll likely feel more comfortable with a friend. So, if you bring along a friend to try our yoga classes, we’ll give you both a bonus free trial lesson — so you’ll both get two free trial yoga classes so you can choose the yoga teacher that works best for both of your needs.

To register for your free trial, just subscribe to our newsletter and email us the following codes:

  • FreeTrial (if you’re booking for yourself)
  • FreeTrialDuo (if you’re booking for you and one or more friends)

Sava Therapies yoga FAQs

Yes. All our classes are slow and gentle so are suitable if you have an injury. We personalise our classes to your needs and will teach various expressions of each pose (asana) we include in our classes. Make sure you let us know how your injury impacts on your movement when you book your class or at the beginning of the class, and we’ll keep that in mind when teaching.

If your injury prevents you from standing or balancing on one leg (e.g. you’ve got a broken leg), you might prefer a Yin Yoga class as many of the poses are done sitting or lying down. However, we can design Restorative and Gentle Yoga classes such that you can participate sitting and lying down.

Yes. All our classes are gentle and slow and include several expressions of every asana, which means they’re suitable for people of all ages, skills and abilities no matter what physical or mental disabilities might be present. In fact, we can tailor your classes to specifically cater for your disability if you’re comfortable telling us what your disability is and how it affects you. And we can do so in a way that won’t draw attention to you during class.

Yes. Our yoga classes are all gentle, slow and safe and we can design classes around your needs if you’re comfortable sharing them. And we’ll do so in a way that won’t draw attention to you during class.

Not if you practice mindfully and with a qualified, experienced instructor like those here at Sava Therapies. Our yoga classes are all gentle, slow and build joint strength and flexibility so may alleviate any joint pain and do not damage joints.


It’s true that the yoga we teach is slower, more gentle and doesn’t get your heart rate up. And that’s why you especially will benefit from our classes.

They allow you to rejuvenate between high-intensity workouts. They build your strength and flexibility so you can perform better and get more out of your other activities. And they help you better understand the connection between your mind and body so you can challenge yourself and reach new heights without over-extending and injuring yourself. 

In fact, modern life is increasingly stripping us of the ability to be still, without interruptions or distractions. The time you spend practicing yoga- without the tv on or a podcast or loud music playing in the background, will remove the distractions which many of us use to escape being still — or being alone. You may just find that learning to become more in tune with yourself and comfortable with stillness and quiet is the ultimate challenge for you as an active, high-energy athlete.