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What is Gentle Yoga?

Gentle Yoga is, as the name suggests, a gentle form of yoga. It’s definitely not high intensity and you’ll hold poses (unlike in a Flow Yoga class where you would flow seamlessly from one pose to another, almost like a dance), however, you won’t hold poses for as long as is normal in a Yin or Restorative Yoga class. While our Gentle Yoga classes may be performed entirely on the floor, it’s more common for them to include a mix of seated, reclined and standing poses (asana), with each type of asana grouped together so you’re not switching back and forth between sitting and standing.

Our Gentle Yoga classes emphasise the use of props so you can achieve healthy alignments in comfort. And we hold poses long enough for you to move slowly and mindfully into the position that fits your body so you get the most out of every asana.

As with all our classes, our Gentle Yoga sessions will be tailored to your needs so you can participate no matter what challenges you may be facing. If you’re completely new to yoga, are re-discovering yoga or have an injury, our Gentle Yoga classes are a fantastic choice.

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