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Integrative therapies

Helping you find balance in your day

Are you ?

Sava Therapies humanistic therapies will help you:


So you feel more at ease and can build resilience

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

So you have more energy and can keep yourself in peak condition

Connect to your body

So you learn to work with your innate physiology and are less likely to succumb to injuries

Develop confidence

So you stop holding yourself back from reaching your goals

Rekindle joy and playfulness

So you can really love your life

Sleep better

So you feel rested and rejuvenated each morning

Understand and become more in tune with your body

So you understand what you’re truly capable of and can achieve things you previously thought were impossible

Any workshop or class is only as good as it's teacher. You can tell straightaway that Anita has a passion for Yoga and a gift for teaching Yoga. She understands not only the physical side but also the spiritual. I have found her to be insightful with the various individuals in a group and what level they are at, and to also have a knack for knowing how and when to challenge or push someone beyond their comfort zone, enabling all involved to grow and find that sense of achievement we all strive for.


Workshop participant

It was deeply relaxing and felt like I was waking up from a 20 year coma. Also, my insides felt like they were singing for joy😂


Workshop participant

Wow. I know that if I did that every day my life and my mindset would be totally different.


Workshop participant

I have never felt a connection with my own body with taking courage in my breath and letting go of fear to let my bodies gravity fall into a stretch that was so deep you could literally feel your connective tissue releasing, the stillness and focus of your breathing and heartbeat completely shutdown all distractions mentally and gave me a calm connection with myself......I walked in limping in pain and literally walked out with no limp, no pain and the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time! It was just magical thank you Anita.


Workshop participant

Excellent workshop for beginners. Very worthwhile, rewarding, cosy, warm with anita’s gentle touch and manner. Worth the money with our gift. Yes, I‘d come back. Good sized class and the music was soothing. Chime as an awareness of coming back to the present resonated through my body, it was very soothing. Arrange another one soon please!


Workshop participant

From the moment i stepped in, the relaxing music and scented oils started to put me in a serene mood. Anita is an expert in creating a safe space for you to achieve a sense of stillness. It is such a welcome change from my crazy fast paced day to day.


Workshop participant

Anita is intrinsically caring, naturally gentle and warmly attentive. Her restorative yoga sessions offer a completely luxurious experience as you receive reflection, relaxation and a quietened mind all in a safe and encouraging environment. You'll leave Savasana on Sundays feeling like you've been on retreat; refreshed, renewed, and ready for what lies ahead. Thank you Anita!


Workshop participant

Again, I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for Saturday night. The yoga was so perfect, a mix of fun and silly but also really grounding. You are seriously gifted Anita, and I couldn’t have picked a more perfect person to help build ‘connection’ into my special ‘Bridal Party’ - One of the girls even said during yoga that “this is the best hens I’ve ever been to!” 😂 so it wasn’t a hens or bridal shower but a bigger celebration - surprise!! You handled that really well too. We know the might flowed a little different to how we envisioned , but you were SO flexible ! And thank you for mingling and just enjoying the moment with us too, that was really lovely. Honestly, you added to wow factor to my event and helped people feel comfortable with each other right from the start. You have my whole hearted recommendation.


Event attendee

The best aspect of the massage was enabling me to relax. I would definitely return for another massage.


Thai massage recipient

For an inflexible individual like myself, the focus on stretches were really beneficial! I’d come back for another massage.


Thai massage recipient

It was amazing. Customised massage, Anita works with your goals to make sure you get the best possible experience. Coming back next week!


Thai massage recipient

One thousand times yes I would make a weekly or bi-monthly appointment to meet my needs. I thought I was big on massage, but this was the first massage I’ve had of this kind. It was probably one of the best massages I’ve had. It was inclusive of every bit of my body and it was like you were touching my body but you were touching my mind too. I had a badly sprained ankle and you were so so good at not pushing it too far- to the perfect amount actually. I would say that with all the stretches, you were so gentle and attentive to the needs of the area and pushed it just right. I loved how we worked with breathing. I thought you had an excellent continuous touch so that the client knew where you were at all times, it made it feel incredibly comfortable.


Thai massage recipient

I loved the inclusion of the stretches and breathing exercises throughout the massage!


Thai massage recipient

Become the best version of yourself

We strive to offer the most personalised humanistic therapies in Parramatta. Our bespoke, integrated, humanistic therapies allow you a deeper, more personalised connection with your therapist and/or teacher and give you continuity of care. The effects of each of our services compound so that the whole is greater than the sum of each part.

  • Yoga classes for individuals and small groups

    Online and in-person yoga classes (in and around Parramatta, Sydney) give you personalised instruction and a cherished, protected time that allow you to truly breathe deeply and find balance in your day.

  • Personalised wellness programs

    Our personalised wellbeing programs combine individual assessments with several holistic therapies, such as yoga classes, Thai massage, self-care toolkits and personalised meditations, to help you experience more joy and reach your full potential.

  • Thai massage

    Our in-home Thai massages, offered throughout Parramatta, Sydney, will relax your tense muscles, restore your energy and help you perform at your peak. You may even become so relaxed that you fall asleep.

  • Supportive toolkits

    With music, guided meditations, scripted yoga therapies and more, our themed toolkits will help you extend your home wellness activities in support of your wellbeing transformation.


I acknowledge the Darug people who are the traditional custodians of the land of Parramatta. I pay respect to the elders past and present of the Darug nation and extends that respect to other Aboriginal people.